Sustainability in project management

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Sustainability in Project Management

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Critics argue that this prevails to an oversimplification of analogy. Sustainability in project management is about integrating economic, environmental and social aspects in the content and management of projects.

This insight corresponds with the triple bottom line element of sustainability.

Research regarding the social sustainability dimension has also been executed subsequently. All the social criteria and its sub-criteria were verified with respect to project management and business[6][7], but particular impacts were found to be more significant in certain appraised asset or technology life cycle phases.

Nov 01,  · Sustainability is about how organizations manage financial, social and environmental risks to ensure their business can continue to operate, regardless of obstacles such as resource shortages, environmental disasters, and social and political events.

Sustainability in project management is about balancing or harmonizing social, environmental and economic interests in a project. Developing Sustainability in Project Management takes into account the full life-cycle of the project / of the asset / of the product at hand.

Sustainability in project management is a way to cross the triple. It also provides meaningful measures of quality and maturity of sustainability management for evaluation and reporting purposes (e.g. RFP, surveys, scorecards). Best practices Browse best practices by industry, prioritized by economic and sustainability value.

Sustainable project management is a field of study currently in its infancy but with great potential given the many benefits projects offer as vehicles of change.

The incorporation of sustainability in project management can be used as.

Sustainability in project management
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