Ramly burger

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Ramly Burgers, Egg-Wrapped Burgers from Malaysia

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1 review of USJ 4 Ramly Burger "The sloppier the burger the better it taste! There is nothing better than a big sloppy raml burger, I would choose this over any fast food joint anyway day.

Everybody has their own favourite ramly stall to go to, 5/51 Yelp review.

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Ramly burger the Ramly Burger was created in by Ramly Monkin, the family business has grown to supply thousands of street vendors, earning the "Ramly Special" an untouchable place as Malaysia's favorite burger. Burger ramly, one of the many sinful but blissful streetfood.

Sold in local neighbourhoods of Malaysia, it got so popular that burger ramly can also be found in Singapore! Learn how homemade saucy Malaysian style burger can be done in this recipe.

"A Ramly Burger is super popular in Malaysia! It consists of a burger patty wrapped in a fried egg (and sometimes cheese) on a bun." —joylynnc. Burger Ramly merupakan produk bumiputera milik Ramly bin Mokni yang telah menjadi salah satu makanan segera yang popular di Malaysia. Burger Ramly lebih mudah didapati gerai makanan di tepi jalan dan restoran.

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Ramly burger
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