Mysterious death of elisa lam

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Oct 28,  · Just wanna put up a thread for all these Strange, Mysterious, Haunted, Unexplained, Funny & Weird-videos that I run across on YouTube.

Elisa Lam and Her Bizarre Death

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Dear Elisha, Thank you for the powerful prayer bullets that you have been posting on your websites. I have not been able to purchase any of your books because I did not have a credit card.

Thanks to modern technology and sophisticated photo editing programs, almost every mysterious or creepy photo is accused of being fake.

The 9 Most Bone-Chilling Mysterious Phenomena That Still Remain Unexplained

In past decades though, there was no such thing as Photoshop and yet, a number of old creepy pictures with stories have survived. Welcome to BuzzFeed Unsolved Network! This is your one-stop destination for all things mystery, true crime, conspiracy, supernatural, and everything in betwe.

My very first blog post on “Death and Dementia” – a site originally dedicated to creepy, unexplained murders and deaths (before originally branching out to a far less grim subject matter, mostly general horror stuff) dealt with the death of Elisa Lam.

She was a Canadian student who, on her visit to LA, mysteriously drowned in her hotel’s water tank despite the fact that she wasn’t.

Mysterious death of elisa lam
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