Multimodal transport cost model

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Cost optimization of supply chain with multimodal transport

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Multimodal transport

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An Approach for Economic Analysis of Intermodal Transportation

Thus, various combinations of the transportation modes may be lurked for the transportations. What study by Andersen et al. L. Li and Y. C.

Journal of Applied Mathematics

Zeng, “Multimodal transportation model and algorithm in logistics transportation,” Statistics and Decision Making, vol.

20, pp.

Difference between Intermodal and Multimodal transport

27–29, View at Google Scholar; J. Wen, “Optimization model to control the cost of container multimodal transportation,” Changsha Science and Technology University, View at Google. Multimodal transport developed in connection with the "container revolution" of the s and s; as ofcontainerized transports are by far the most important multimodal consignments.

However, it is important to remember that multimodal transport is not equivalent to container transport; multimodal transport is feasible without any form of.

The article presents the problem of supply chain optimization from the perspective of a multimodal logistics provider and includes a mathematical model of multilevel cost optimization in the form of MILP (Mixed Integer Linear Programming). This study aims to model a regional rail based intermodal transport system and to examine the feasibility of it through a case study for a shipper of daily consumables distributing in an urban area and to evaluate it regarding cost and emissions.

A multimodal transport cost‐model is used to illustrate and clarify multimodal transport routeing alternatives. A confidence index is also introduced for each route, transport modes and nodal links.

The multimodal transport cost-model has been adapted from Beresford and Dubey in and improved by Beresford in (Banomyong, ) This model .

Multimodal transport cost model
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Multimodal Transport Cost Model - Free Essay Example