Mereological nihilism

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Mereological nihilism is the view that there are no composite objects; everything in existence is mereologically simple. The view is subject to a number of difficulties, one of which concerns what I call the problem of emergence. Advisory Editor: John Haldane. John Haldane Ethics, Aesthetics, and Practical Philosophy.

Roger Scruton Why Beauty Matters. Ionut Untea Homelessness in the. Mereological nihilism (also called compositional nihilism, or rarely simply nihilism) is the mereological position that objects with proper parts do not exist. Only mereological simples, those basic building blocks without proper parts, exist.

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Or, more succinctly, "nothing is a proper part of anything". Mereological nihilism. likes. Mereological nihilism is the mereological position that objects with proper parts do not exist.

Only mereological. Nihilism is the view that there are there are no composite objects (i.e., objects with proper parts); there are only mereological simples (i.e., objects with no proper parts). The nihilist thus denies the existence of statues, ships, humans, and all other macroscopic material objects.

Mereological Nihilism (or Compositional Nihilism): This is the position that objects with proper parts do not exist, (and, by corollary, objects existing in time do not have any temporal parts), and only basic building blocks (e.g. electrons, quarks) exist.

Mereological nihilism
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