Legal documentation in islamic financial institutions

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World Islamic Banking Conference

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Islamic Banking Comes of Age – But What’s Next?

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more than Islamic financial institutions mostly due to the lack of available no legal protection for them. The final draft of Federal Decree Law No.

9 but structurally the documentation is different as there are purchase and sale elements to the agreement.

2-Day Workshop: Highlighting Tips and Procedures on Legal Documentation for Islamic Securities Products ” Techniques and Strategies for Comprehensive Understanding On Legal Documentation for Islamic Securities Instruments “.

We provide a variety of legal services to the major players in this sectors, including advising on investments, M&A, financial regulatory, capital markets, insolvency issues and financing work, comprising of syndicated finance, project finance, islamic finance, asset finance, secured lending, sovereign loans, and restructuring.

a member of the Technical Working Group on Ethics of the Accounting & Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), Bahrain; The structure and documentation for both Islamic corporate and retail financing; Financial Services” in the book entitled Surveys on Legal and Shari’ah Issues in Islamic Financial Services.

Islamic financing institutions have developed a wide range of techniques which allow them to uphold the religious and legal principles outlined above whilst enabling them to offer viable financial.

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Islamic banks dominate the Islamic financial industry and the non-bank financial institutions sector is very small compared to its conventional counterparts.

Since the bulk of the funds for.

Legal documentation in islamic financial institutions
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