I city mall project

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Central i-City Shopping Centre

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Redstone City Mall

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With more than 30 retailers and restaurants —plus prime office space and luxe residences— CityCenterDC is the hub of all that’s happening in. Century City is a ha mixed use development in Cape Town combining office, retail, residential and leisure components in an integrated, stimulating and aesthetically pleasing urban environment.

Dubai International City

City staff are currently reviewing the project. A recommendation by staff, based on information provided by the applicant and on the plans, must be decided before a public hearing is scheduled before the Planning Commission and City Council.

Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Pakistan. Chairman: Foundation for Advancement of Innovation, Research & Education (FAIRE). AL RASHID MALL 20 Years. Days have passed, with easy and difficult times, and Al Rashid Mall has become a twenty years old "still young in the prime life" How quickly the days are passing!!!.

Since its opening in it was a quantum leap in the concept of shopping malls in the gulf region with its unique design, distinctive facilities and integration of multiple services. The Cityland Mall project site is a comfortable minute drive from 52% of Dubai’s main districts, and enjoys strong visibility from the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

With a prime user-friendly focus, the property is designed to be family oriented and easily accessible, especially to residents of Dubai’s well-known housing developments.

I city mall project
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The Jersey City Redevelopment Agency