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Bihar Assembly Dissolution Case

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4 Rameshwar Prasad & Ors Versus Union of India & Anr

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Six Turning MLAs met me on 5.

Rameshwar Prasad & Ors V. Union Of India & Anr (6)

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The challenge in these petitions is to the constitutional validity of Notification dated 23 rd May, ordering dissolution of the Legislative Assembly.

Nov 23,  · In Rameshwar Prasad (), the then Bihar Governor Buta Singh’s recommendation for dissolving the Assembly the previous year was held to be illegal and mala fide. In both instances, the.

This lesson discusses the cases of Bommai and Rameshwar Prasad, and rounds up the discussion on the proclamation of Article It is always a good idea to consult with an attorney to obtain advice as to how the law (in relation to Rameshwar Prasad & Ors V.

Union Of India & Anr (6) and other legal subjects) should be interpreted in light of the particularities of your situation.

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1. The Governor is a Democratic Public Servant and he cannot act in violation of the well-known constitutional principles. The Judgment of the 5. This entry about Rameshwar Prasad & Ors V.

Rameshwar Prasad v. Union of India AIR 2006 SC 980

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Constitutional law rameshwar prasad
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